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Lomeinie's Alias Storyboards & Vids
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Vidder: Lomeinie
Song: If I Could Be Where You Are  | 15MB | 50MB |
Artist: Enya
Fandom: Alias
Spoilers: Through Season 5's The Horizon

Characters/Pairing(s): Sydney/Vaughn

1st-Jan-2006 10:20 am - Coming Soon, Maybe Today
I am half finished with a S/V vid on this New Year's Day - it's appropriate that I spend the day working on a S/V vid as it was on this day in 2002 I became a fan of Alias and I also saw myself as a S/V shipper at that time...
28th-Nov-2005 03:57 pm - Coming soon... I HOPE!!!

LOL, I know I keep saying new vids are coming and they are - I have just been too lazy to rip the clips I need to make them...

Hang in there and hopefully you'll see some new vids from me soon!

5th-Nov-2005 04:57 pm - A Poll For You
Poll #606011 Vids from other Fandoms

Would you be interested in seeing my vids for other fandoms?

Ah, shoot - I have found another song that would be perfect for a S/V vid -- so inspite of myself I am going to have to start ripping/collecting S/V clips...

New vids are coming as soon as Season 4 comes out on DVD!
29th-Sep-2005 05:11 pm(no subject)
I will soon resume my vidding as I now have an external hard drive and a place to store my vids besides my lap top's hard drive!
9th-Sep-2005 01:39 am - 3rd Vid in Progress
Yep, I started a 3rd vid tonight to the song of Cut for SONG TITLE spoilerCollapse ) and I can't say when this one or the others will be posted!
8th-Sep-2005 12:08 am - Re-Uploads

I re-uploaded In My Daughter's Eyes, Fallen, and Harsh Words as I noticed that they were deleted off the server hosting them due to inactivity.

Please feel free to download them and tell me what you think of them!

My Alias Fan Vids Site

Vidders: Lomeinie & miss Bristow
 It Must Have Been Love
Artist: Roxette
Fandom: Alias
Spoilers: Seasons 1 - 4
Characters/Pairing(s): Jack/Irina

3rd-Sep-2005 01:50 pm - Upendi Reloaded

Okay, the last post for this storyboard had an old link - here's a new upload of Upendi!

Vidder: Lomeinie   
Artist: Disney
Fandom: Alias
Spoilers: Some minor spoilers for Season 4
Characters/Pairing(s): Sydney/Vaughn, Jack/Irina, Weiss/Nadia
Notes: This isn't a vid in the true sense of the word since I do not yet have video clips to use. Instead I took many pictures from Seasons 1-4 of Alias and set them to the song above.

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